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Suitable for high-speed measuring and positioning, available in conventional
linear encoder format or as an electronic tape measure.


The opto-electronic encoder accurately counts the number of slots in the perforated stainless
steel tape at speeds up to 10 m/s.


Meterdrive offers the user significant
benefits over other linear measuring systems: the
stainless steel tape can be stretched between two fixed points and does not need
to be fixed accurately to a flat base. In this case, the encoder is mobile.

Alternatively, the tape can be coiled as in a tape measure with the encoder
stationary. This solution, the Rollzam, is particularly useful if there is only one
fixed point for the tape, as is the case for fork lifts, table lifts or periodic controls
in nuclear power plants.

It is also possible to use the tape with a pulley and counterweight, as a belt between
two pulleys, or to move the tape through the fixed encoder. This last solution can
be very useful for short distances (such as pneumatic or hydraulic jacks).


The tape is guided in the encoder by 2 pairs of high-density polyethylene tape guides. Thanks to this system, the tape cannot move incorrectly, and therefore cannot lose step, as is the case with other measuring systems.


Water and shock resistance, absence of mechanical parts
and direct reading via large tape perforations ensure that
the system has excellent life and wear characteristics.


Meterdrive is particularly useful as a replacement for conventional chain arrangements, pulleys, etc, where roller slip or wear can cause loss of positioning when using rotary encoders.

Mètre ruban : RollzAM

The Rollzam comprises the flexible tape coiled inside a housing and a spring to automatically rewind the tape. The detector head is thus static, protected against the environment

easy mounting, fixed cabling, no tape support required. Standard length: 8m.

Ideal for: telescopic systems, measuring heights or levels…