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VECTRAL private company
The Vectral company was founded in 1990 by Laurent Pradel, Engineer of the Polytechnical Institute of Zürich, in a region specialised in the silk, automotive and plastics industries. Vectral is 50km from Lyon and 100km from Geneva (40min. from Lyon St Exupéry airport and 1hour from Geneva Cointrin).

The distributors and customers who work with us are sure to find a reactive team. Standard orders are shipped within 48hrs. Our international technical-sales department will answer in French, English or German.

The Vectral company has a capital of 15000 €. Its sound financial bases put it at the top of the bank rating list. Our production is essentially sub-contracted to redundant French and European suppliers, removing problems associated with production capacity.

End-user, engineering firm or distributor, most of your applications have already been tried to date: we are sure to bring you the technical and economic answers you need in a pleasant, reliable working environment.

Reach the complete presentation of our products

Linear encoder Meterdrive

Meterdrive is a digital system used to measure distances and for the automatisation of various machines.

The Meterdrive product line, with its unique characteristics of robustness, flexibility and longevity exists since 1987.

Its technical characteristics and its ease of installation have been continuously improved, and we work with numerous prestigious customers who recognize the unique advantages of our product.

Transliquid Pump

Liquid transfer pump for all types of containers and jerrycans.

3 models :
The blue pump adapted to most food products, oleaginous & petroleum-based substances,

The red pump is intended for use with alkaline liquids & liquids containing alcohol,

The green pump is ideal for special applications such as acids & chemicals

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